RNI Reg. No.: MAHENG/2016/68030
    ISSN:2456-5342 (Print)


A peer reviewed novel and applied research in the engineering

Peer Review Policy

  1. The paper submission for publication is the sole responsibility of the contributor/s.
  2. Author should e-mail four experts of the subject along with their e-mail addresses and full details while submitting manuscript. Editor reserve to finalize the reviewer or assign another experts of the subject.
  3. Author identity and affiliations will not be disclosed to reviewer.
  4. Author should contact by e-mail with manuscript number & title after 4 months of submission to know the status of manuscript if not communicated by editor office.
  5. Selection or rejection of articles will solely depends on the reviewers comments and final editor decision.
  6. The Editor is not responsible for issues arising from publication of particular research article.